Let's Hit the Ground Running


If you've found this blog entry, you are ahead of the curve. Gibbscom, a communications firm with a range of capabilities, is fledgling in name but mature in deed. Founded by journalist and public relations professional Shea Gibbs, the company has been working behind the scenes with several major businesses since 2008. The time is now for Gibbscom to take center stage.

Collaborating closely with innovators in the creative and business management fields, Gibbscom lends companies that want more exposure a unique skill set, combining public relations, market analysis, print journalism, multimedia journalism and small business know-how into one solutions-oriented package. Take a moment to peruse the company's list of clients and successful past projects. It's sure to generate some ideas for the forward thinking company looking for an edge in telling its story and finding the right audience.

Come along and join us as we grow from a one-man team into a nation-wide firm of business-driven creatives. Whether you're looking for advertising materials, copy writing, social media direction, audio-visual products or any other manner of marketing communications, Gibbscom is ready to take the baton and run.